1. adjective
((of countries etc) not independent, but dominated by another power: subject nations.) underlagt, uselvstendig
2. noun
1) (a person who is under the rule of a monarch or a member of a country that has a monarchy etc: We are loyal subjects of the Queen; He is a British subject.) statsborger, undersått
2) (someone or something that is talked about, written about etc: We discussed the price of food and similar subjects; What was the subject of the debate?; The teacher tried to think of a good subject for their essay; I've said all I can on that subject.) emne, tema
3) (a branch of study or learning in school, university etc: He is taking exams in seven subjects; Mathematics is his best subject.) fag; disiplin
4) (a thing, person or circumstance suitable for, or requiring, a particular kind of treatment, reaction etc: I don't think her behaviour is a subject for laughter.) emne, gjenstand
5) (in English, the word(s) representing the person or thing that usually does the action shown by the verb, and with which the verb agrees: The cat sat on the mat; He hit her because she broke his toy; He was hit by the ball.) subjekt
3. səb'‹ekt verb
1) (to bring (a person, country etc) under control: They have subjected all the neighbouring states (to their rule).) underkaste
2) (to cause to suffer, or submit (to something): He was subjected to cruel treatment; These tyres are subjected to various tests before leaving the factory.) utsette for
- subjective
- subjectively
- subject matter
- change the subject
- subject to
subst. \/ˈsʌbdʒekt\/, \/ˈsʌbdʒɪkt\/
1) statsborger, undersått
he is a British subject
han er britisk statsborger
2) emne, tema, sak
change the subject
skifte (samtale)emne
3) (skole) fag
4) (kunst, musikk eller litteratur) motiv
5) (grammatikk, psykologi eller filosofi) subjekt
6) (medisin) pasient
an asthma subject
en astmapasient
7) (også subject for experiment) forsøksobjekt, forsøksperson
8) (også subject for dissection) lik (til disseksjon)
be the subject of ridicule være gjenstand for spott og spe
have something to say on the subject ha noe å si i sakens anledning
on the subject of angående, om
while we are on the subject of money
mens vi snakker om penger
i anledning (av)
optional subject (amer.) valgfritt fag
strike out of the subject avvike fra emnet
subject for kilde til, årsak til, grunn til
such poor service is a subject for complaint
en slik elendig service gir grunn til å klage
subject of eller subject for gjenstand for, skyteskive for
a tender subject et ømtålig emne
wander from the subject komme bort fra emnet
verb \/səbˈdʒekt\/
1) underkue, undertrykke, betvinge
2) underkaste, underlegge, undergi
3) gjøre til gjenstand, utsette
be subjected to være gjenstand for, utsettes for, rammes av
subject oneself underkaste seg (noen)
subject to utsette for, prisgi underkaste, la gjennomgå gjøre til gjenstand for, utsette for idømme
subject to a fine
subject to one's rule skaffe seg herredømme over
adj. \/ˈsʌbdʒekt\/, \/ˈsʌbdʒɪkt\/
1) underkuet, undertrykt, betvunget, kuet
2) underlagt, undergitt, underkastet
subject nations
3) underdanig
4) avhengig
be subject to være underlagt
be subject to the law
være underlagt loven
utsettes for, være utsatt for, være gjenstand for
the trains are subject to delays when there is fog
togene kan lett bli forsinket når det er tåke ha anlegg for, ha lett for å få, lide av
be subject to headaches
ha lett for å få hodepine
avhenge av, bero på
subject to (som lyder) under
subject to the Crown
subject to changes
gjenstand for endringer
med anlegg for, som er utsatt for
a person subject to dizziness
en person som har lett for å bli svimmel avhengig av
subject to duty tollpliktig , tollbelagt
subject to notice oppsigelig
adv. \/ˈsʌbdʒekt\/, \/ˈsʌbdʒɪkt\/
bare i uttrykk
subject to under forutsetning av, avhengig av med forbehold om
subject to alterations
med forbehold om endringer
subject to certain restrictions med visse begrensninger
subject to contract (jus) under forutsetning av at kontrakt opprettes
subject to correction med forbehold om eventuelle feil
subject to such conditions as på (slike) betingelser som
subject to your consent, ... forutsatt at du går med på det, ...
subject to your consent, I propose to try again
forutsatt at du går med på det, foreslår jeg at vi prøver igjen

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.


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